The Worlds Most Expensive Mobile Phones

iPhone 2g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4

iPhone 2g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (Photo credit: reticulating)

We all know “that guy” with the coolest, newest smartphone. He paid $400 or more for it, and it does everything except polish his designer Italian loafers. Most companies offer excellent deals on their newest smartphones when you agree to sign up for a set service time, usually one to two years. But these phones will surprise even the most jaded phone aficionado, not in the features offered but in their sheer decadent luxury.

An $8 Million Phone?

Yes. The most expensive cell phone in the world is the Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition. The antenna band and back plate of the iPhone are plated in exotic rose gold, and the band is encrusted with 100 carats of flawless diamonds. The logo on the phone is made of another 53 diamonds. The Home button is nothing less than a 7.4-carat pink diamond, but if you aren’t into pink, the case contains an 8-carat flawless diamond that can be used in place of the pink one. If this doesn’t satisfy you, you’re simply too picky.

The Second Most Expensive Cell Phone

The second most expensive phone in the world is a steal at half the price of the 4 Diamond Rose Edition. Priced at a mere $3.2 million, the Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme is covered in 271-grams solid 22-carat yellow gold and 53 1-carat diamonds. It comes in a granite box with Kashmir gold and Nubuck top grain leather interior.

For the High Rollers

If Las Vegas is your style and you are a very successful gambler, consider the Gressor Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. Apparently, there aren’t that many lucky high rollers, because only three Jackpots were made. The Egyptian style hails of the Luxor casino, adorned with 45.5 carats black diamonds. The back panel is made of 200-year-old sapphire crystal. The Jackpot is priced at $1 million.

For the Snake Lovers

The Vertu Signature Cobra, priced at $310,000 (a real bargain in this list) was designed by the French jeweler Boucheron. With two diamonds, two emeralds and 439 rubies, the front of the phone is encircled by the likeness of a cobra. For the budget-conscious luxury buyers, the Signature Python is adorned with a different snake and comes without the rubies, but sells for a mere $115,000.

For the Realists

Mere mortals can also have great phones, just without the gold, diamonds and other embellishments. T-Mobile 4G phones offer all the latest features and modern designs with truly budget-friendly service plans. These phones likely work as well, if not better, than those adorned with precious metals and rare gemstones, and if you drop it the event probably won’t affect your children’s’ ability to attend college. New phones, plans and options are constantly offered, so check often to find the deal that’s just right for you. Even if your phone budget is less than the annual GNP of most small countries.

Online Faxing Invades the World of Smartphones

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The switch from traditional faxing to the more efficient online faxing wasn’t that long before this technology made its way onto smartphones. Now, faxing is not the tricky process it once was; it’s easy, affordable, and fast. Online faxing makes it more convenient and less expensive to businesses. No more hassle brought by empty ink cartridges and paper jams. You can get response as soon as possible, plus, no more worries about sending delayed fax messages. Sending fax is just a click away.

How It Works

Using email fax services from your phone is as easy as sending a text message. You take picture of the document you need fax using your phone. Your phone, with the right software, converts that picture into the right image file (usually TIFF-F or JPG), and then sends it as an email over the Internet to the recipient. They receive it as a regular attachment in an email through their email accounts. It’s easy to do.

There are plenty of reputable and professional companies that specialize in email fax services. Where faxing documents was once a time-consuming, expensive process, but now it’s very affordable, and anyone can do, even from their smartphones.

More Affordable Than Traditional Fax Services

In the U.S. alone, the average office employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper in a year. On top of that, consider the prices of fax machines. You can skip all of those costs just by sending faxes with your smartphone. You use less paper, and you don’t have to buy any new machines. You need a phone anyway, and it may as well be one that will help you get ahead in the business world and serve your customers better.

Faster Than the Traditional Fax

Lugging a fax machine into a taxi, or hauling it down the street with you, can be pretty difficult. By utilizing your smartphone to send online faxes, it’s like you have your fax machine in your pocket, and all on the same device as your email, telephone, day planner, etc. You can fax important documents as you catch a cab or walk to an important meeting. Email faxing is just faster.

Online Faxing

Online faxing is the new and improved way of sharing documents in a fast-paced business world. It’s the wave of the future, and now, you can catch a ride on that wave by investing in email fax services.

Mobile Betting Basics

Online betting has seen an increased number of players with the boom of iPhone and Android mobile devices. Now players can download online betting apps from different sources just like they could on their desktop or laptop computers. Despite this, some of the gamblers response are a bit skeptic and most of them are not familiar with the technology of mobile gambling provides. Not all of them are aware of the number benefits they can enjoy from playing on their mobile phones. So today, were providing mobile betting basics for gamblers who are interested to venture on online gambling and love the environment.

There are things that first time online gamblers must consider before they venture into mobile betting. First, they must ensure that these sites undergone safety qualifications to ensure the safety and privacy of its players.

The Right Betting apps for your Phone

Downloading apps is simple and set up would only take you a couple of minutes. Today, the top mobile device brands and models are supported, and casinos are constantly adding more support. As long as you have the recent Smartphone models, it’s highly likely that it can run most of the betting apps. If you’re recently signed up at an online betting site, it’s usually just a matter of downloading and step by step instructions and your set to play.

As a supplementary feature, besides being able to bet with real cash, you can usually gamble with these mobile games for free. However, if you want to experience the thrill of gambling while watching your favorite team or if you feel like good fortune is at hand, the alternative to play with real funds is always available. Plus, you’ll get additional sign-up benefits and be qualified for promotions and bonuses when you bet.

A Cautionary Advice

As always, safety is the main concern when it comes to gambling with real money at stake. Of course there are legitimate and legal sportsbook sites that guarantee the safety of it players. But with advanced technology, players might end up with illegal online betting sites and lose their hardly earned money if they’re not careful enough to scrutinize its legibility. Another concern is that players are susceptible to gambling addiction because of its accessibility. Players are being advised to restrain their gambling habits and manage their funds well.

Phone Battle Heating Up

Few evolutions are as impressive as the telephone, with signals transformed from analog to digital to even the Internet Protocol packets that wait beyond. IN addition, the availability of smartphones now brands this invention as one of the most common (and most essential) of in daily life. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the battle for market domination grows each year, and 2012 is no exception.

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Discover the competition between MetroPCSMetroPCS and Cricket. These established carriers both offer options for users craving music. Their features are many, and often comparable, but the MetroPCS Cricket proves itself the superior choice through its streaming downloading andoptions, compatibility and customization options.

The MetroPCS Rhapsody challenges Cricket Muve phones… see who wins by weighing these several points.and wins.


Debates forever plague technology and the quality of music options is no different — with some users citing downloading as the best choice, while others favor streaming. Rhapsody allows individuals to sample both.

Unlike theThe Cricket Muve (which only offers unlimited direct downloading, as of 2012), of songs – and even organize the chosen songs into playlists, allow cutting of songs to create ringtones and manage your music experience in general. While MetroPCS Rhapsody allows live streaming via Wi-Fi connectivity and downloading at the same time, options allow users to take advantage of ample storage and Wi-Fi streaming. This ensures clarity without sacrifice.Cricket Muve is basically designed to makes everything aspect else easiereasier for the user.


Diversity defines the modern user: Smartphones, computers, MP3 devices and more are filling shelves and demanding attention. Wanting to share music between these items is therefore expected, and Rhapsody ensures that this can happen.

MetroPCS options transfer to all music compatible items or websites (such as Facebook, MySpace or other social networks). Unlike the Muve, which is centralized to a singular phone, this service instead syncs with all other devices, ensuring that no songs are forgotten.


Music is more than a collection of sounds. Instead, it is an experiment in styles, lyrics and moods — with songs chosen to reflect personalities. The ability to customize the listening experience is therefore essential., and Rhapsody Cricket Muve offers itit in spades.

Discover a wealth of options, such as:

 Download specific songs or albums.

 Allow Muve’s My Music to organize the songs and categorize them under specific playlists and cut ringtones.

 Create and shareShare playlistssongs and playlists with other Muve users.

 Sync songs to any chosen device.

 Form personalized radio stations.

 Customize the drop-and-drag interface for speed and clarity.

 Discover new music through Muve’s My DJ which creates playlists of fresh music and sends it to the user’s Android phone.

 With Cricket Muve’s Shazam, any unknown song will not remain a mystery because of its ability to identify the song title and artist.


Although Cricket Muve phones are mainly branded as entertainment devices, it does not lack the promise of convenient and efficient communication. All of the Muve Music phone plans include unlimited local text and calls (local and US long distance), global text messaging and data transfer. It also allows email access and data backup, among others.

These elements, along with others, ensure that Rhapsody Cricket Muve users define their music as they please. Cricket, however, lack individualized options and users may find themselves instead confined by the smartphone design.

The invention of the telephone ensured made sure that no conversation would be wasted. Now, however, the purpose of these machines is to provide entertainment. Consider thenIt’s a good idea to use the Cricket Muve MetroPCS Rhapsody format, instead of the Cricket Muve MetroPCS Rhapsody for greater options and greater quality.

Are you ready to experience your music?

Instant Personal Loan For Your Car Repairs

hybrid. And maybe you’re not willing to walk or bike those 19 miles to your workplace each morning.

For many of us, driving our cars isn’t a choice: it’s a necessity. When your car breaks down, you’re stuck in that classic “wages vs. transportation” catch-22: without your car, you can’t get to work to earn a paycheck; without a paycheck, you can’t pay off those car repairs. While some employers may understand your unfortunate transportation situation, most won’t look too kindly on an extended vacation for car repairs.

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Luckily for hapless car owners, there is an emergency solution for when you need to get your car back in shape as soon as possible.

Online Personal Loans for Car Repairs

Personal loans, such as online personal loans from, are one of the fastest ways to gain access to the funds you’ll need to repair your vehicle. They are far different from grants because you need to pay them back, and they are far different from student loans because they are intended only as a treatment for short-term emergencies. These loans are meant for emergency situations only, that’s why it is important to learn more about this form of immediate financial relief. Here’s a basic explanation on how the process works:

  1. First, you’ll need to fill out an application with some basic personal information. You must be over 18 years old and must have a proven source of income (a steady job, for example) to qualify. You’ll also need a working email address and a checking account with a decent past history (no overdraft charges or bounced checks in the last 30 days, for example).
  2.  A lender employee will look over your application and email you to let you know if you qualify for online personal loans.
  3. If approved, you’ll see the funds in your account on the following business day.

Car Repairs Are a Need, Not a Want

If your place of employment isn’t within walking distance or accessible via public transportation, car repairs aren’t a frivolous expenditure: they’re a need. In order to keep earning wages (and keep supporting yourself and your family), you need to get your car back on the road as soon as possible. Don’t feel guilty about borrowing money for car repairs: it’s not the same as buying a cute outfit or a new TV. Online personal loans should be used for emergencies, not frivolities. Car repairs qualify as one of those life emergencies: something you never expected, but need to fix as soon as possible.

Have You Ever Used a Personal Loan?

It’s your turn, readers: have you ever obtained a personal loan? Share your experiences in the comments!